Hello and welcome, I’m so glad you stopped by. This website was inspired by the publishing, on Amazon, of our children’s book "WHAT IF... All The Hippos Got Loose And Came To Live With Us?".

I was sitting on the sofa one evening, brain idling, when I heard a story about a hippo briefly escaping a zoo. The Great Hippo Escape, as I thought of it, only lasted a few minutes but it captured my attention and got me thinking. Where would Hippos go if they got out and what if the answer was that they decided to come and live with us? From there… my mind was off and running with this book being the result.

Once I had the story in hand I asked my friend, the artist Marina Kushnir, if she’d be interested in doing the illustrations. Marina is an incredible artist and sculptress and I was sure the illustrations she came up with would be wonderful. Needless to say, she didn’t disappoint. I adore her charming drawings and bet you will too.

So join us in our newly Hippo filled world and…should a Hippo drop by your place for a visit please be sure to let us know what your experience with that Hippo was  like.

M. Dalton King
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